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Volunteer Deputy Registrar Trainings

A huge part of the success of our VDR Program is our team of Volunteer Deputy Registrars (VDRs). We could not have reached our substantial voter registration numbers without them. Therefore, we make sure to take special care in training our VDRs.

The Travis County Volunteer Deputy Registrar Training is designed to comprehensively train and then appoint prospective VDRs.


Travis County has a variety of training styles to meet the diverse needs of future VDRs. For each style, we use our original VDR Training PowerPoint Presentation. We also include an electronic training packet, which provides supplemental resources to aid VDRs in registering voters.

Our training is based upon the VDR training materials provided by the Secretary of State, as well as our Travis County specific materials. The PowerPoint presentation and training styles have been approved by the Secretary of State and have revolutionized our VDR Trainings.

​Virtual VDR Training via Zoom

This training is for any resident in the state of Texas, and takes 45 minutes to an hour. It includes a Q&A at the end. We schedule VDR Trainings at least three times a month, but will often schedule more than that, especially during an election cycle.

For the VDR Training Presentation, please click here


For the Travis County Voter Registration VDR Training Schedule, please click here

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Online VDR Training Video and Exam

This is a prerecorded VDR Training Video available online for the use of all Texas residents.

After watching the video, prospective VDRs then have to take the VDR Training Exam, and upon completing the exam with an 80% grade or higher, they will be certified as a Travis County VDR. Upon certification, prospective VDRs can expect to receive their VDR certificates within 2-3 business days.


If the VDR plans to become certified in their home county, they can take their Travis County VDR certificate to their respective county registrar and become certified there.

To see this the Online VDR Training and Exam, please click here

Other VDR Training Styles

Along with the above training options for VDRs there are other options to get certified as a Travis County VDR.

Reciprocity: Due to Covid-19, we now accept request for certification via reciprocity online through a form in which prospective VDRs may upload their VDR Certificate from their respective county. To access this form, click here

Privately Requested Training: When an organization requests it, we may conduct personal trainings, both in person and virtual. If you are interested in requesting a private training, you may do so by contacting 

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